Leftist Ableism Bingo


What can I say? I hate it when supposedly “woke” people throw disabled people under the bus.

Image description: a five-by-five bingo board containing descriptions of ableist actions frequently taken by so-called liberals and/or progressives. The text is as follows.

First column:

  1. Telling disabled people that ableism is less important than [-ism of choice]
  2. Calling Trump or his policies “ins*ne”
  3. Lack of trigger warnings on political writings
  4. “Keyboard warrior/slacktivist”
  5. Insulting Barron Trump by calling him “autistic”

Second column:

  1. Vidist or audist descriptions of conservatives
  2. “I can’t be ableist! I’m woke!”
  3. “How r*****ed do you have to be to vote for Trump?”
  4. Conservatives should have some empathy!”
  5. Laughing at the “mentally, are you okay?” line from the SNL Spicer skit

Third column:

  1. Diagnosing Trump
  2. Organizing inaccessible activism events
  3. Free space
  4. Bashing self-diagnosis despite race, class, etc. barriers to diagnosis
  5. Calling bigots “emotionally h*ndic*pped”

Fourth column:

  1. Not talking about IDEA when criticizing Betsy DeVos
  2. Ignoring sheltered workshops while discussing the wage gap
  3. Calling bigotry a disease or mental illness
  4. “Can Trump be impeached for being a l*natic?”
  5. Insulting the intelligence of conservatives

Fifth column:

  1. “[Trump appointee] is cr*zy”
  2. “Triggered” jokes about Trump or his supporters
  3. Arguing against repeal of ACA while ignoring how many disabled people will die without it
  4. Tokenizing Serge Kovaleski
  5. Making videos about social justice without captions


Carrie Fisher quote of the day: “I’ve learned to celebrate my life, to embrace it. If I have the problems, the problems don’t have me. They’re not something I’m ashamed of.” I’m not very articulate today, so I can’t really tell why, but this quote speaks to me.

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