I Made a Thing

Content/trigger warning: suicidal ideation mention

This is what my life is like.
All the Mental Illnesses

Image description: a Venn diagram of five mental illnesses: BPD, CPTSD, OSDD, depression, and anxiety. The mental illnesses’ circles contain the following:

BPD: Unstable sense of self
CPTSD: Flashbacks
OSDD: One step away from having alters
Depression: Suicidality
Anxiety: Everything is scary

The overlaps are as follows:

BPD and CPTSD: “My identity is trauma”
CPTSD and OSDD: “Trauma-related dissociation”
OSDD and depression: “What even is reality”
Depression and anxiety: “Trash executive function”
Anxiety and BPD: “Trust no one”
Anxiety, BPD, and CPTSD: “Hypervigilance on crack”
BPD, CPTSD, and OSDD: “What even is an identity”
CPTSD, OSDD, and depression: “What’s the point of living if I’m just a reaction to trauma?”
OSDD, depression, and anxiety: “I can’t do anything and am no one”
Depression, anxiety, and BPD: “Codependence despite unstable relationships”
Any overlap between four mental illnesses: “AAAAH”
Overlap of all five mental illnesses: “Fuck”

No quote today because this isn’t a real entry. I will take this opportunity, though, to say that I still really need help. If you value the labor I put into this blog, please consider donating. My PayPal button is in this entry: https://thisisforyoucarrie.wordpress.com/2017/08/21/too-out-of-spoons-for-titles/.  Also, you can support me by ordering from my Redbubble store: https://www.redbubble.com/people/autisticbanshee?ref=artist_title_name.

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