It’s April. FUCK.

I fucking hate April. Can I just say that? I fucking hate Autism Bewareness Month.

Here are things I will be doing this month:

-Donating proceeds from my Redbubble autistic pride-related collection to ASAN (

-Doing another autism acceptance challenge on social media and doing an entry containing the posts from the entire month on the last day of April

-Sharing my “The Autistic’s Guide to Surviving April” 8tracks playlists (, in various places on the Internet

-Writing a post on how to be an ally to the Autistic community

-Writing a post on why Autism $peaks is a hate group

But yeah, fuck April, fuck Autism $peaks, and fuck lighting it up blue.

One thought on “It’s April. FUCK.

  1. Excellent plans! More or less the same plans here, but in the UK. Follow me on Twitter if you fancy it – @KatHumble and @AutisticUK.

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